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Roulette Strategies and Systems

Roulette is a very popular game that has been around for at least 200 years. As such, people have repeatedly tried to crack the secret of the game and make sure that turn their bets into winners more often than not. Over the decades, a few strategies have emerged that reliable prove that while you can boost your winnings, you cannot really expect to win in the long-term.

That is okay, though. The strategies we have prepared for you will give you a detailed breakdown of how you can leverage your understanding of the game and win more than ever before while playing roulette. Please make a note that all strategies below will apply to Outside Bets unless otherwise stated in the strategy section.

The Martingale Betting Strategy

Martingale is arguably the most popular version of the game. The stratagem is fit for advanced and new players of the game as it follows a very simple sequence of actions that will surely convince you that you can use strategies that guarantee short-to-midterm returns.

Martingale is based on a very simple premise – every time you lose a bet, you will double up in order to recuperate your loss and then return to a default betting amount. The strategy is not too complicated on the face of it and it makes sense when you think about it.

By doubling the amount after a loss, you are effectively negating that loss and when you win from a standard bet, you are already ahead. This sounds great, but there is a fine line to read when playing with Martingale.

To make this strategy work, you ought to be conservative. If you bet too much on a single bet, you risk running the number of losses so high that you reach the roulette table limit and cannot double up your bet.

The key with this strategy is patience and sticking to the minimum or near-minimum betting limit of the table. This way if you run into a bad beat, you will be able to recuperate your loss.

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Reverse Martingale or Paroli

The Paroli System is often referred to as Reverse Martingale. Why? Well, it follows the exact opposite logic of the Martingale System we have introduced to you just a moment ago. The idea here is that you will double your bet after a win and then decrease it after a loss.

Now, you may be thinking, what if I hit too many consecutive wins and end up losing. Would that not undo my progress? That is a very fair observation, and one of the rules of thumbs here is that you must never double up after a third consecutive win to avoid this particular scenario.

Just like the standard Martingale System, Paroli is placed on Outside Bets or Red/Black and Odd/Even. Now, the idea of this strategy is simple. If you win, you will double up your amount, but if you lose, you will decrease and return to the base bet amount.

You are decreasing the amount rapidly so that it returns you to the default amount but increases by twice your bet size in order to pursue higher wins. The system has been mathematically proven, but it has a slightly more challenging mathematical logic than the standard version.

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Fibonacci Strategy

The Fibonacci Roulette System is often touted as one of the safest strategies you can ever try.

The system is a sequence of mathematical numbers that is even seen in life and it makes the strategy even more impressive as it applies to the real world as well as games at the same time.

In this sequence, you have a sequence of numbers where the sum of the previous two numbers is equal to the one after them. Here is how this looks:

1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 55 – 89 – 144 – 233 – 377 – 610 – 987

The idea behind the sequence is easy. Whenever you lose, you will move one number up the sequence. This means that when you win, you will earn back the amount you have just lost. So, if you bet 1 and lose, you should move to the second number, which is also 1.

Round Bet size Round outcome Balance
1 1$ Loss -1$
2 1$ Loss -2$
3 2$ Loss -4$
4 3$ Loss -7$
5 5$ Loss -12$
6 8$ Loss -20$
7 13$ Win -7$
8 5$ Win -2$
9 2$ Win 0$
10 1$ Loss -1$

If you lose that, you go to the next number, which is 2. If you lose that, you go to 3, and if you lose 3, you go to 5. In case you win 5, you go back two numbers back.

Every time you win, you will go back to two numbers, so from this case from 5 to 2 as shown in the sequence. This is really all there is to the Fibonacci sequence.

Video taken from YouTube channel RouletteGeeks

D'Alembert Strategy

D'Alembert is another strategy that is actually very easy to follow. There are no complicated calculations or sequences of numbers. Instead, you need a pencil and a piece of paper so that you can track your winnings and losses and act accordingly.

The strategy basically asks you to move your bet size by one, depending on what outcome is produced. Once again, you will bet on the Outside Bets, and bet +1 for each loss you incur and -1 for each win you successfully add to your name.

Round Bet size Round outcome Balance
1 4$ Loss -4$
2 5$ Win 1$
3 4$ Loss -3$
4 5$ Win 2$
4 4$ Win 6$
6 3$ Loss 3$
7 4$ Loss -1$
8 5$ Win 4$
9 4$ Loss 0$
10 5$ Loss -5$
11 6$ Win 1$
12 5$ Win 6$

Thanks to this stratagem, players will seldom have to worry about ever breaking the table limit on even small betting tables. Of course, the strategy, just like most roulette titles, requires a lot of patience because accumulating riches 1 unit at a time can often be a little testy.

However, D'Alembert is a great strategy that can give a casino a good run for their money. Imagine if you and seven other people were using a strategy to win at a game of roulette. As a matter of fact, it happens quite often that roulette players come prepared.

Video taken from YouTube channel RouletteGeeks

Labouchere Roulette Strategy

Labouchere is an interesting system that will definitely break away from the humdrum experience of the more basic ones.

While it follows the same mathematical principles and combines elements from all discussed strategies so far, it feels like a brand new experience altogether.

In Labouchere you take the total amount you wish to win. Let's say that this is 100 units. Then, you split it into multiple bets, as follows:


To proceed with this strategy, you simply put together the left and right-most amounts, resulting in 20 betting units. If you win, you will cross out the amounts, and the next bet will be 10+20 or 30 units.

If you lose, however, you will add the loss on the right-most side and begin from step one, which asks you to combine the amounts sitting on the left and right of the sequence. That is virtually it. You play until you have won 100 units by crossing out all numbers.

The strategy may take a little getting used to at first, but it's a powerful ally to have and definitely one that will be a huge help.

Romanowsky Roulette Strategy

Romanowsky Roulette Strategy is how you break the ice when it comes to roulette strategies. There are several types of bets and they basically boil down to placing bets on the Dozens and Quarters.

Yes, you've read this correctly. Romanowsky is a strategy that does not focus entirely on Outside Bets, which is what makes it unique. You have strong chances of succeeding, around 86% according to the maths that goes into the game.

That is a pretty big opportunity for players and definitely makes sense, but at the same time you will need to spend a fair amount of chips. There are six main bet types with Romanowsky:

  1. 1st and 2nd Dozens + 33,36,32,35 (Quarter) and 25, 26, 28, 29 (Quarter)
  2. 1st and 2nd Dozens + 26,27,29,30 (Quarter) and 31,32,34,35 (Quarter)
  3. 1st and 3rd Dozens + 13,14,16,17 (Quarter) and 20,21,23,24 (Quarter)
  4. 1st and 3rd Dozens + 14,15, 17, 18 (Quarter) and 19, 20, 22, 23 (Quarter)
  5. 2nd and 3rd Dozens + 1,2, 4, 5 (Quarter)  and 8,9, 11, 12 (Quarter)
  6. 2nd and 3rd Dozens + 2,3,5,6 (Quarter) and 7,8,10,11 (Quarter)

This naturally begs the question if the strategy works – it does, but you will do best to always keep track of your winnings and losses to maximize your gameplay efficiency. Please remember that you must bet three units per each Dozen you bet on.

Examples of bets according to the Romanowsky system

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The 3/2 Roulette System

The 3/2 Roulette System is another popular choice that relies on Outside Bets. In this game, you want to bet on either Red or Black and place another bet on a Column. That way, your bets will cover a total of 26 numbers and give you a strong chance of landing a win. However, you will also have to bet multiple units on a selection.

Basically, you always bet 3 units on Red or Black and 2 units on Column. When betting on Red, you must bet either on the Middle or Second Column. When betting on Black, you must bet on the Third Column.

It does sound a little convoluted at first blush, but the good news is that there is nothing you should actually worry about as the system follows its mathematical rules and once you commit these two small things to memory you will have absolutely no trouble sorting out the rest.

The system does have a little more challenging look, but it's actually a fun way to innovate your experience and liven up the atmosphere by mixing up different strategies that are different from one another.

24+8 System

The 24+8 System is precisely what its name makes it out to be. Essentially, you are betting on two Dozens and then making four Split bets. The splits are bets placed in the middle of two numbers, so with four such bets you are covering 8 numbers, hence the name of the roulette.

The way this goes is you bet on the 1st and 3rd Dozens and then make Split bets on 21/18, 20/17, 22/23, and 13/14. You can also cover other splits, such as 16/19 while keeping all the rest. The idea is to have the numbers that aren't covered by the Dozens, which should take just a little bit of time to adjust.

Once you do, though you will have another powerful system that would allow you to quickly evolve your gameplay and create more successful outcomes without sacrificing too much time or capital. However, just like most other systems, you ought to remember that if you start betting big, your bet size may grow very quickly.

Betting options

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  • Which roulette system is best?

    There is no one best strategy. Some strategies imply a little more risk but others give you a more steady progression overall. It's good to have a working understanding of all strategies and pick the one that you think fits your playstyle best.

  • How to calculate roulette odds?

    To calculate roulette odds all you have to do is find an online calculator that will display the payout and probability. This is an automated software that is always right, but you must make sure to enter the correct version of the game. The single vs. double zero are making the difference in the odds.

  • Can a roulette betting system improve your odds?

    Yes, significantly. A roulette betting strategy is no longer just luck. It's mathematical anticipation of the possible outcomes designed to minimize risk and maximize profits. Players who play with a strategy will win more than players who play without, not accounting for random big wins.

  • Can you bet on both colors and all numbers in roulette?

    Yes, there is no limitation on what numbers you can bet and how much as long as you don't break the table limits. However, you must understand that at some point betting on both red and black would have diminishing returns as you would lose as much as you win as you cannot win both bets.

  • Is the Martingale system profitable?

    Yes, the traditional Martingale system is profitable. The only drawback here is that you have to be patient as the wins are accumulated one unit at a time and it may take many spins of the wheel to actually arrive at a profit.

  • Is it mathematically possible to beat roulette?

    No, mathematically the game of roulette is designed against the player. You can be successful in the short to midterm but the longer you play, the bigger the chance becomes that you would run into a bad beat. With this said this may or may not happen if you are very careful and use your bankroll money smartly.

  • Can you consistently win at roulette?

    No, you are going to run into losses. The good news is that if you use a roulette strategy you will recuperate these losses immediately making for a good and steady pace of gameplay. Strategies will help you win, and even if not consistently, then at least frequently.