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American roulette

If you are a fan of double-zero roulette, then you will be happy to find the available American roulette online options here to be spot-on and just what you need. Players are very welcome to have a shot at the best games out there and deservedly so. We make it possible for you to explore American roulette in its entirety and whether you are looking for free games or real money play, you will find all there is to know about the game. Players are welcome to have a shot at the games, study the viable strategies and put them all to good use!

Play American roulette free

  • American Roulette(Roulette77) Roulette77

    American Roulette

    Table limits: $1 - $100000
  • American Roulette(EvoPlay) EvoPlay

    American Roulette

    Table limits: $1 - $100
  • Vip American Roulette(Gaming1) Gaming1

    Vip American Roulette

    Table limits: $1 - $800
  • American Roulette(Gaming1) Gaming1

    American Roulette

    Table limits: $0.1 - $78
  • American Roulette(Red Rake Gaming) Red Rake

    American Roulette

    Table limits: $1 - $100
  • American Roulette(BGaming) BGaming

    American Roulette

    Table limits: $1 - $100
  • American Roulette(Netent) Netent

    American Roulette

    Table limits: $1 - $5000
  • American Roulette(Espresso) Espresso

    American Roulette

    Table limits: $1 - $100
  • American Roulette(Worldmatch) WorldMatch

    American Roulette

    Table limits: $1 - $700
  • American Roulette(Belatra) Belatra

    American Roulette

    Table limits: $1 - $50
  • American Roulette(Betsoft) Betsoft

    American Roulette

    Table limits: $1 - $100
  • American Roulette (Play'n Go) Play'n'Go

    American Roulette

    Table limits: $1 - $250

American Roulette: introduction

People around the world love to play free American roulette, but have you ever wondered why? This version of the game is quite fun. The American roulette wheel is actually a little different than the traditional one as it comes with two zeroes! As a result, the gameplay changes slightly to feature both a new bet, but also a slightly increased house edge.

Regardless of the house edge, though, the game offers some excellent chances to win and win well, and if you are still new to the game, we recommend playing free American roulette online and see what the title feels like. You will have outstanding experiences making a unique five-number bet and generally tackling the wheel with a strategy that will allow you to optimize your pace of play. 

Better yet, the game can be played on both mobile and desktop, making it one of the most accessible titles out there! Let's take a look at a few of the specifics now.

American roulette table

American roulette table

Now, if there is one thing that will strike you as interesting about the American roulette game, that is the table. The American roulette game is actually slightly different from the other versions because it features a second zero. That is right, you get to play up against not one but two zeroes, something that many players used to approach with mistrust at first.

Well, while the second 0 does add to the house edge, it certainly reveals new opportunities of exciting gameplay just as well. Players will discover an amazing opportunity to add excitement and entertainment value to their gameplay. You will get to feature the 5-number bet into brand new strategies and take a slightly bigger chance on the straight-up bets if you choose to.

Rules of American Roulette 

The game of American Roulette is very much like all other titles. You can of course try an American roulette simulator and familiarize yourself with all the rules on the spot. To be honest, though, much of what this version of the game offers is already featured in European and French both! A special rule exists, though and that is the Surrender Rule for American Roulette.

Usually, this rule is found in Atlantic City, but more and more tables online are also including it. Basically, if you hit a 0 or 00, the money will be split in half between you and the casino. Remember, this only works on the even-odd bets. Familiarity with roulette rules and strategy will help you benefit from any version of the game and do so successfully.

The rules stay exactly the same regardless of whether you are playing with a live dealer or on your own and besides, there are bonuses to help you move your gameplay along!

Tips to Play American Roulette 

If you are looking to truly boost your experience, you will find our online roulette tips to be truly worthwhile. The first piece of advice we can give you is to always consider the even-odd and red-black bets. Their chance of success is closest to 50%, which gives you a great start. You can further benefit from American roulette practice with demo versions where every stratagem can be put to a test.

Casino games roulette tips have to do with how you manage your bankroll, too, and what table limits you end up picking as well. Make sure to spend some time with the version but more importantly, stick to community wisdom that has created patterns to help you elevate your experience to the next level. Remember it's just a game and you need to focus on optimizing your sessions but never chase your losses for example.


  • What is the house edge in American Roulette?

    5.26% The American roulette house edge is posted at 5.26% because of the double zero that the game comes with. While this house edge may look a little steep, it actually opens up the way for new strategies and bet types.

  • What is the best American roulette strategy?

    Any progressive strategy played to the right table limits and at the right betting amount will help you advance your gameplay a little more. You should stick to the same betting patterns that allow you to play safely and reliably.

  • What is the worst possible bet in American roulette?

    Generally speaking, a straight-up bet has the least chance of success, but then again it holds the biggest payout potentially. We recommend avoiding straight-up bets however and focusing on the outside bets instead.

  • Can I play American roulette on my smartphone?

    Yes, you absolutely can play American roulette from your smartphone. The game will work flawlessly with both Android and iOS devices and you will have no trouble navigating through all available bets, features, and popular variants. Play on the go whenever and wherever you want to.