Beware of Roulette Spam

15 Nov 2010

The spam is not surprising any more for us. Every day we delete lots of useless mails from our e-boxes and know that tomorrow the same operation should be done. However, sometimes we are faced with quite intriguing info which provokes us to further reading. This is exactly applied to the new roulette system which is circulating on the web. Isn't it tempting to think that there is a way to beat the casino? Absolutely for everyone.

There were many attempts of inventing a unique and accurate method of cheating in roulette history. From time to time smart alecks used their devises at casinos in order to beat the system but after all the significant shortcomings of those were disclosed. Taking into consideration roulette players in general - vast number of them play just for fun but not for winning. They know the principles of the game and their chances. By the way, there were no documented reports of long-term winners.

The roulette spam which you could see one day in your mail box contains 2 false assumptions: 1) your spin is dependable on the previous wheel spins and 2) progressive betting system works.

Do not be in a hurry to check these theories since there was incredible quantity of articles which disprove them via grounded and understandable statements. Those might be found on any respectable online gambling informative site.

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