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Roulette Cheats

Roulette is a very attractive for players game due to the size of the payouts, but as it is still mostly a game of chance, gamblers will always seek all possible ways to beat the bank, even not the legal ones. Roulette cheating methods are sometimes included in roulette strategies, however some of them are not as effective as the regular betting systems. Note, that most of the roulette cheats described below are illegal and have criminal responsibility.

NB! All methods used to influence roulette games described below are cheats and are considered to be illegal in all gambling establishments. Read them just for fun and find out which techniques have been used by the most famous roulette cheaters

Biased Wheel

A biased wheel is one that has a mechanical defect as a result of a manufacturing mistake and thus it causes a repeating pattern of roulette numbers coming up. This is a great luck if the player finds a roulette wheel that has the same number or at least a range of definite numbers come up constantly. The wheel can also have bias as a result of wear and tear, and this is more common than a manufacturing fault. These can be deviations and defects such as:

  • pocket wear
  • rotor wobble
  • defective ball track
  • roulette bowl incline
  • any grooves and physical damages, etc.

To track down a biased wheel is probably the dream of every persistent roulette player, however this is not so easy nowadays, as the quality control done when producing roulette wheels is very high, and also the casinos carefully check the installation and operation of roulette tables according to set standards.


Pastposting is probably one of the most widespread illegal cheating techniques in all casino games. It can be done by both players and dealers who are involved in the scam.

Pastposting is also known as late betting as it is in fact the roulette betting when the bets are not already accepted (i.e. after the dealer says "No more bets!") and after the outcome of the game is known. So, after the roulette ball lands on the wheel a player places chips onto the winning number or makes a bet that will bring money and tries not to be caught by the dealer. The best way to cheat using pastposting is to work in a team. However, the modern security systems with hi-tech surveillance cameras are a serious barrier for pastposters.

Top Hatting

Top hatting is another way of late betting which involves adding extra chips to a bet that has already been placed, after the results of the spin are known. This technique usually involves the dealer as he is the person that can most easily place chips onto the betting area without being spotted.

Obviously, top hatting shouldn't involve a great risk in order to not be spotted and that is why cheaters do not add many chips at one time. Regularities in winning large sums is very suspicious and can be noticed by casino managers and picked up on security cameras.

Ball Tripping

Ball tripping is another way of cheating at roulette table which usually involves both a player and the dealer. This technique is impossible to accomplish without the aid of a roulette dealer who greatly assists the player.

The concept of ball tripping is that a tiny hole is drilled in the roulette ball track and a small controlling pin is inserted into it. The dealer must pull a special lever under the table in the right moment. The pin is pushed towards the spring and it easily gets on the track where the ball is rotating. When the roulette ball contacts the pin it is tripped out of its track.

As you can understand ball tripping requires great levels of skill and lots of practice by the dealer. It is also very risky and highly illegal.

Wheel Tampering

Roulette wheel tampering is without a doubt оne of the craziest methods to cheat a casino, because it means fixing the roulette wheel manually. So the player must have access to the table or cooperate with a casino worker to get the wheel fixed. The cheaters can loosen the wheel or definite pockets, insert some loads or other items which make the ball bounce in a way that the player needs. Of course, any deviations and biases are immediately revealed by the casino security system.


It is possible to influence a roulette game outcome by padding the ball. It is usually done by manufacturers of roulette equipment as they are the ones who produce the balls and the wheel pockets of specific materials which will help cheaters.

There are also other known roulette scams throughout the game history that involve magnets, laser, electronic devices, etc. All of them are easily spotted in modern casinos by the advanced security systems in place.