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Roulette Bets, Odds, and Payouts

Roulette fascinates by virtue of the fact that it is a game of chance and yet, it feels like a game where you can have a degree of control and, in a way – adjust the outcome. A roulette table is not all that complicated to read, either, which definitely helps with more players exploring how the game works, and even showing interest in roulette odds and roulette payouts. 

For it is actually very important to understand how bets, odds, and payouts in a game of roulette work. You can always reference a roulette payout chart, of course, but having a working knowledge that goes a little deeper can never hurt.

The Basics of Roulette Bets

Alright, let’s start at the beginning. What are roulette bets and how do they work? For the most part, there are two types of bets: Inside and Outside Bets. These two groups have to do with both the probability of a bet turning into a win and the payout that such a bet carries when it finally drops on the wheel.

Inside Bets are generally associated with a much higher roulette payout. A straight-up bet will, for example, pay 35:1, which is a lot. If you were to bet $100, you would win $3500 back. However, the probability of a straight-up bet happening is actually low, or around 2.70%. An Outside Bet, on the other hand, has a much lower payout – usually 1:1. 

However, the probability of this occurring is closer to 47.30%, for example. It also depends on the type of roulette table, too. Roulette numbers, though, do come with fixed probability and payout, and the two are different metrics. 

Inside Bets: Detailed Guide

Alright, so to get a better idea of what roulette bet to place, we have decided to walk you through every one of them. 

Straight Up: This is a bet that you place on a single Number, you want to hit that specific number, or otherwise your bet fails and you lose your money. The chances of this happening are slim, but the potential gain is pretty good, with the roulette payout odds a 2.70%. 

Split Bet: A split bet is a way to minimize the risk a little and get about half the payout a straight-up bet offer. Essentially, you are placing your wager on two adjacent numbers and hoping that either one will turn after the wheel has stopped spinning. The bet doesn’t offer the roulette best odds out there, but it’s still a good way to get a really decent payout, although the chance is still slim.

Street Bet: A street bet is a three-number wager and one of the best roulette bets you can take. Although the probability is just 8.10%, the payout is 11:1. Some players even pick 10 street bets for a fair chance to win by covering 30 out of the 36 or 37 wheel numbers. 

Corner Bet: Now, we are talking. A corner bet pays out 8:1 and you will have a 10.81% chance to hit this on a single-zero game. Basically, you put the chip between four numbers and bet on all of them. The chance may seem rather slim, but it actually really offers something. Corner bets can be a great strategy as well. 

Six Line Bet: This may be even the best one to try yet. The bet will have a 16.2% probability of landing, while also paying 5-1. This one also makes a lot of sense when looking to bet on Inside Bets and enjoy both a decent chance of turning up a win and getting a decent payout in return.

Outside Bets: Exploring Safer Options

As our title suggests, any roulette table payout will tell you the same thing – if you want to go safe, you will want to try the outside bets above anything else. This is the best way to actually play in the long term and be fairly certain that you won’t run into unnecessary trouble. The roulette table odds may differ a bit depending on which game you are playing but on balance, they will be fairly intact. 

Column Bets: If you want to bet on an entire column of numbers you may do so and enjoy a fair chance of accumulating roulette winnings. As usual, a roulette double zero wheel will be slightly more disadvantageous. 

Dozen Bets: Basically, you will be trying your luck on groups of twelve numbers. These bets offer some of the best roulette payout odds and are generally considered one of the safest options to explore. 

Even Money Bets: Take a look at any roulette payouts chart and you will find the same group of bets at the very top when it comes to their probability to win. Players will always be faced with the option to bet on Even Money Bets for a chance to have around 47.30% probability of hitting the 1:1 payout bet. These bets are often the premises of most roulette strategies, too. 

Understanding Roulette Odds

Alright, for starters, you need to understand roulette odds payout. Roulette odds are generally influenced by the zero – or the house edge. If you have a game with two zeroes instead of one, the probability of a certain bet – Insider or Outside, is further reduced. 

A straight-up bet in European Roulette has a 2.70% chance to land, but it only has a 2.63% chance to land in American Roulette. Granted, this is not much, but if you are looking for the best odds in roulette, then you may want to play European Roulette first. 

Different variants of the game will impact the payouts differently, not just because a game is double zero roulette, but also because it may contain fewer numbers in general. Mini roulette comes with 13 numbers and a single zero, but it has a house edge of 7.69%. Of course, the designers may do something to the game to change that house edge as well.

Payouts for Each Type of Bet

As you can see in the chart we have provided you with below, the best bet in roulette to make in terms of probability is an Outside Bet. However, if you are looking for the best payout, not odds, on a roulette table, then you may want to take a straight-up bet. 

You will also notice that these numbers may change depending on what game you are playing. Different versions will have different odds on roulette table, and this matters to. European Roulette is generally considered to be the best way to go. 

Advanced Betting Options 

As you can imagine, roulette betting can get even more complicated than what we have just explained. Roulette green payout isn’t fixed in stone either, depending on the version you try. This section, though addressed the so-called announced bets. 

These bets are used by bettors to call bets while the wheel is still spinning and up to a certain point, with the croupier accepting the called or announced bets and marking them down for players. 

It’s one of the ways to learn how to bet on roulette without actually touching physical chips if you don’t want to. This can actually be a relevant thing to do, especially for some roulette strategies. There are actually stratagems that try to advise players on how to place called bets depending on the way the wheel is spinning.

This of course, is a bit hard to verify because wheels don’t really have much to go on. They just spin and come to a halt. Roulette strategies can indeed be very helpful, however. 

Tips for Managing Your Bets 

If you are keen on getting more buck for your bang when playing online roulette, then you will have to learn about managing your bankroll. 

  • Set out with a fixed amount of money and be very careful how you split it all up. This is the safest and surest way to never risk too much at a time.
  • Then, focus on the bets. Pick those that coincide with your risk-tolerance. Are you the type who wants a bigger payout despite the bigger risk? Then pick inside bets! If you prefer to play it safer and closer to the chest, go after outside bets instead!

Maximizing Your Roulette Experience

To max out your roulette experience, all you need to do is balance your risk and reward. Don’t take unnecessary risks and focus on getting fun out of your every session! Don’t forget that there is a purely psychological aspect of the game of roulette that you need to be on top of as well. Don’t worry too much about turning a profit for one. Focus instead of playing and having fun while also using the smart pieces of advice you have picked here and that you are going to learn from experience. There is no need for excessiveness. Make sure you are having fun instead, and maximize your roulette experience like never before!