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Roulette Table Layout Explained

The Roulette table layout is often seen as the biggest challenge of getting started with a game of roulette. Well, as the game’s popularity has grown, players are far more likely to brace this head-on and, as it turns out – the layout really isn’t so complicated. Neither the roulette wheel layout nor the roulette game table are particularly complicated. 

The game itself is very straightforward. You will basically pick bets to back, and then the croupier will spin the wheel, producing the results. Yet, the bets are somewhat complicated if you look at them at first and leave it at that. However, you will get roulette in just the space of a few game rounds!

Roulette Table Layout

Understanding the Roulette Table Layout

Right, so to understand the roulette layout you need to look at the roulette board layout and the wheel. The first two things you will notice that the colors used on the table are the same used on the wheel, as are the numbers! This means that you can almost intuitively know how the betting works.

Of course, there will be small differences between different versions. The American roulette table layout will be different to the roulette wheel layout European Roulette uses, or rather the European Roulette table layout. Still, even with these differences in mind, the game is very easy to follow as you follow the exact same logic where you are betting on the outcomes of the wheel by backing individual roulette sections. 

The Roulette Wheel

Right, so about the roulette wheel. The main difference between the European roulette layout and the American roulette wheel sections is the number of zeroes. The European game comes with a single zero, the American game comes with a double zero. The number of zeroes in a game will determine the house edge, which is very important for your chances to succeed.

Of course, the wheel is actually the way you also produce an outcome in the game and determine who the winners and losers are. Essentially, the roulette wheel is where the action on a rulet table is. 

The Betting Layout

Right, next, you need to understand the betting layout. It doesn’t matter if this is American roulette layout or European. The basic rules still apply across the main betting categories with only minor differences in the layout. Here is the roulette table explained, along with all roulette wheel layouts. 

Inside Bets Area

The inside bets are where all the numbers are organized in different betting groups. They will appear on both the European roulette wheel layout and the American roulette wheel layout, as well as their respective tables. Here are all bet types you will find on the Inside Bets Area:

  • Straight Up Bets: A bet on a single number.
  • Split Bets: A bet on two adjacent numbers.
  • Street Bets: A bet on an entire roll of bets.
  • Corner Bets: A bet on four numbers that have common borders.
  • Line Bets: A bet on two rows of three numbers. 

Outside Bets Area

The Outside Bets Area is another standard part of roulette. It’s also the special part of roulette that you want to explore when looking to play some of the safest roulette strategies. Here is what you can expect to find here. 

  • Column Bets: A bet placed on an entire column of numbers.
  • Dozen Bets: Betting on sets of 12 numbers – 1-12, 13-24, and 25, 36
  • Even Money Bets: Red/Black, Even/Odd, and High/Low bets: 

Special Features of the Roulette Table

The layout of roulette table is actually a lot of fun. You will generally want to address both the roulette wheel numbers layout and the wheel. For one, there are the Announced Bets, which players can call out to the croupier to place on their behalf when the wheel is spinning, using the racetrack.

Another special feature of the roulette wheel sections and table to know about is the importance of table limits. Table limits will make it easy to play based on a specific strategy or make it harder. Yes, a roulette table for home may not have table limits, but most games in the casinos do. 

Strategies Based on the Table Layout

Right, so if you are looking to play on a European roulette table layout you will be quite pleased to know that there are different strategies you can try.  One roulette table wheel layout can be a bit different than another, mostly because of the double zero. Once you have the types of roulette explained, though, it really comes down to the choice of a strategy. 

Players will mostly want to use Outside Bets, because they offer a near 50% chance of winning, no matter what parts of a roulette wheel produce a winning outcome, bar the zero or zeroes. 

Tips for Navigating the Roulette Table

Right, if you want to really find your way, you first have to have roulette table layout explained. You need to understand the layout for each game you approach, including the roulette wheel numbers layout which will have a bearing on the outcomes and produce winning and losing combinations. If you understand this, you will know what to expect from each of your spins of the wheels. 

Familiarity with Vegas roulette wheel layout or European table layout will also mean that you can place a bet quickly and without having to worry about missing something. Next, you will want to manage your bankroll properly. You need to pace yourself, bet reasonable amounts and stick to a good stratagem based on the roulette wheel number layout or table layout to succeed. 

Conclusion: The Role of the Table Layout in Roulette Strategy

To start with, each roulette layout has a bearing on the gameplay. Whether it is a French roulette table, a Euro roulette table, or an American layout, you will definitely want to know a thing or two about the layouts in general, especially if you are looking to calibrate and adjust your betting strategy. 

First off, the number of zeros will have a bearing on the chances of specific outcomes. The roulette wheel layout American roulette has to offer is evidently going to increase the house edge because of the double zero, but the European roulette will decrease it slightly as well. So, it’s important to keep your cool and use the right strategy and play when you fully understand the game.