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Roulette Terminology


American roulette – a variation of roulette game. The wheel has 38 slots with numbers form 1 to 36, a 0 and 00.


Backtrack – the rim on the outer part of the roulette wheel where the ivory or plastic ball spins. This can be also called the ball-track.

Biased wheels – a roulette wheel with a flaw that causes the same numbers to appear over and over.

Big Number – the number that is hit more than it can be theoretically possible. This may be a sign of a biased wheel.

Black action- when the player bets with a black chip that is worth $100

Bottom Track – the inner line of a roulette wheel where the ball slides before it bounces from the wheel to the pockets. I usually either slants or remains stationary.


Carre’ –French word for the Corner bet

Chameleon Strategy – a strategy used by some players that follow the tactic and bets of those who are winning a lot hoping for the same.

Chasing Loses – a tactic used when the player has lost a lot and starts betting more hoping to win back all he lost.

Check rack – the tray with roulette chips.

Cheval –French word for a Split bet

Choppy game – the game with no constant wins of the player and the house.

Column bet – a bet on one of the three columns.

Corner bet – a bet on four numbers by placing a chip in the middle on these four numbers.

Croupier – the employee of a casino that operates at the roulette table, exchanges the money, pays back the wins etc.


Double zero or 00 – a slot present in American Roulette only

Dozen bet – a bet on any of the three groups of 12 numbers.


En prison rule – the surrender rule present in European roulette. In case the ball drops on 0, the player may take back half of his outside bets or keep the stake en prison for the next spin. In case the bet is still en prison and the second spin brings a win to the player, he takes back his bet, and if not – the bet is lost.

European roulette – the variation of roulette with the wheel of 37 slots (numbers from 1 to 36 and a 0 slot).

Five number bet – an American roulette bet when players bet on five numbers (0, 00, 1, 2, 3) at the same time.


House edge – casino advantage that is the source of its profit on every game.

High bet – a bet on a group of big numbers from 19 to 36


Inside bet – a bet on one of the numbers inside the table layout.


La partage rule – rule of the European roulette which is almost the same as the En prison rule but the fact that the player cannot keep the bet for the next spin. He just may take back half of his original bet.

Low bet – a bet on small numbers 1 – 18


Martingale System – a betting system that suggests betting on even bets and doubling on every lose to win back all he lost and even more.


Non Value Chip – a roulette chip the value of which depends on the amount of chips taken in a buy in.


Orphelins (Orphans) – a bet found in European casinos. Player bets on three number that are close to each other on the roulette wheel. (As 6, 3, 17).

Outside bet – a bet on black/red, high/low, odd/even with an even money payout.


Parlay – a betting system that suggests leaving the previous bet and adding a new one for the next spin.

Payout or Pay Out – the winnings paid to the player by the casino.

Pinching – illegal removing of player chips from the betting table when the ball has already landed.


Quarter bet – a bet on four numbers (Corner bet or Square bet).


Red bet –  a bet on all red numbers.

Roulette chips – special casino chips for roulette tables only and may not be used for another games. Each player receives chips of his own colors so that the dealer could easily payout the wins correctly.  

Roulette layout – the layout with numbered grids and colors on the roulette table where players place their bets.

Roulette strategy – special methods used by players to improve their odds and decrease the amount of losses.

Roulette table – a table used for roulette game that consists of the layout and the roulette wheel.

Roulette wheel – a wheel used at the roulette game and contains numbered slots. The numbers are placed to make even probability for all the numbers. The wheel moves clockwise and stops when the ball which spins in the opposite direction lands on one of the slots.


Single zero roulette -  European roulette

Six number bet – a bet on six numbers close to each other on the roulette table.

Sixainne- French name of six line bet

Split bet – a bet on two numbers close on the roulette table.

Straight bet –  a bet on a single number.

Street bet – a bet on three numbers.

Surrender rule –another name for the En prison rule.


Tiers du cylinder – French term for a bet on a group of numbers that are close together on the roulette wheel.

Transversale –French word for a Street bet


Voisins du Zero – a French term for a bet on a group of numbers which are close to the 0 slot on the roulette wheel

Visual Wheel Tracking – a technique used for trying to predict where the ball will land by watching how it spins.


Wheel Clocking – watching a roulette wheel to see if there are any patterns or bias.

Wheel Head – a part of the roulette wheel with the numbered slots.

Wheel roller – a croupier or dealer at the roulette table

Wheel strategies –strategies that are used to exploit the flaws of the roulette wheel to gain edge