Number Symbolism - Myth or Reality?

Numerology is a science, tradition, or belief, that numbers have some relation and influence upon people and events etc. It takes its roots from ancient cultures where people used to make some marks to indicate the moon phases, movement of the planets, flooding of Nile in Egypt; the ancient Greeks thought that numbers formed the basis of the universe and that it ran on a numerical harmony. You have probably heard that there is a lot mysticism and numerology hidden in the Great Pyramid of Giza, you have heard about the number of the beast "666", and the fact that many works of literature and music contain references to some numerological traditions.

Many religions and beliefs
consider numbers to be mystical.

Perhaps the easiest definition of numerology would be that numbers are mystified to find connections and coincidences between different events. This mystification may sometimes lead to lies and exaggerations as those who create numerological patterns ignore the things which do not match and check everything to find only matching elements. As you know, the one that searches, will always find.

However, you cannot ignore the fact that sometimes these coincidences make amazing patterns and may confuse even those who do not believe in luck etc.

Different cultures set different meanings for various numbers, some being alike, and some being totally different.

When it comes to believing in numerology, it is a matter of choice. But everyone knows that some people have lucky numbers that appear now and then and lead them in their lives. Or at least they think these numbers help them figure out what to do.

Numerology in Gaming

Lucky numbers and the laws of numerology have found a special place in a head of an average gambler. Without any doubt, some games can be influenced by luck only, like roulette for example, however, when luck is turned into a strategy - this is using numerology in gaming.

Gamblers that like number games start by finding their lucky number according to the most common numerology laws and formulas and then, bet on this number hoping to win. You have most probably heard about bingo players looking for tickets with the date of their birthday, house number etc. Roulette players search for one lucky number applying various methods and bet most of their money on it.

The most common tool for finding lucky numbers is called Lucky Number Generator and it is very popular among players.

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