New "Colors" and "Greens" Roulette Options

02 Sep 2010

Regular roulette rules were probably too dull for Frank Mugnolo from the Casino Gaming LLC of Broadview, Illinois. That is why he has introduced new betting options for American-style roulette game.

The first option the players can try is a "Colors" bet which provides 4.34% house edge and 9 to 1 payout. The bet means that the player wins if red or black number will come up three spins in a row. Of course, the player can also benefit from three reds or blacks when placing bet on any of the colors and repeating it twice. But in this case the casino has extra 0.92% to the house edge compared to the Colors bet.

The roulette games with new extra options are played as traditional games and uses standard roulette table and wheel. Just the special Colors boxes or areas are added to the betting layout.

There is also the so-called "Greens" bet which wins if 0 or 00 come up twice in a row. The probability of this event is very low and it is not surprising that the bet pays out the winning of amazing 300 to 1. This is probably the worst bet for the players as the house advantage in this case grows to 16.62%.

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