New American Roulette Game at Roulette Doc

10 Dec 2009

Roulette Doc is offering all its visitors to try new flash game - American roulette variation that is available for free. In addition to European roulette, you now can try American-style game developed by our team for those who want to challenge their skills at the game with higher house advantage and additional double-zero (00) pocket.

The basic rules of American roulette game offered by Roulette Doc are as follows:

  • The house edge is 5.3% (higher than at European roulette which offers 2.6% house advantage)
  • Double-zero game: the bets are made on numbers 0,00 and from 1 to 36
  • Additional Top Line bet is available on 5 numbers with 6 to 1 payout
  • Outside bets pay out 2 to 1 and 1 to 1 (or even money)
  • Inside bets pay out from 5 to 1 and up to 35 to 1
The rules of betting are the same as for European roulette. At the start of the game the players is given 1000 credits ($1000) and there are no betting limits, which means that the player can wager all money he or she has on one spin. The game is very similar to the original version of American roulette offered at land and online casinos that is why when feel ready you can visit any of the recommended casinos and try your luck for real money.
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