Scratch Cards Instant Games

A scratchcard is an instant game that usually looks like a cardboard with some areas with concealed information covered by special substance, which should be scratched off. You may have seen this not only used in gambling but also in quizzes and to cover PIN's for telephone sim cards and credit cards.

Scratch card
Scratch cards are for those who can't wait for a result.

There are many names of the game some of which are: scratch game, scratch ticket, scratch-and-win, scratch off, scratcher, scratchie, scratch-it or instant game. Some scratch cards have the entire field covered with the substance (usually latex) that should be scratched off to see whether you have won. However, in some games you only need to scratch off a small area that hides the prize or correct answer. Note, that some cards become invalid if too many areas of the card are scratched off.

History of the game

The first scratch off lottery tickets were created in 1974 by the American company Scientific Games Corporation. Headed by John Coza and Daniel Bower the company produced the first lottery game generated by a computer. The first patent for a scratch-off ticket was made by the Astro-Med Inc., West Warwick, Rhode Island in 1987.

The simplest scratch cards require the player to match 3 symbols, while more complicated ones use different combinations of numbers and symbols. In addition, there are scratch off games that are based upon other games such as Blackjack, Poker or Monopoly.

Now scratch cards are very popular due to their low cost and the ability to win as soon as you buy the card. However, there are also cards which can cost up to $30 and the prize of these games is over a million dollars. These tickets do not pay such huge prizes instantly, but after some time.

Online Game

The Internet has brought many changes to the world of online gambling, and this did concern scratch cards. Online scratch cards games are now available from most online casinos including those we recommend here. You may play these games just like you would in real life by scratching off symbols one by one or by choosing the "Scratch off" button that will do all the work for you.

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