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PayPal Review

Roulette play with PayPal is one of the best convenient methods for playing in this game of chance. Today, we will talk about the advantages of websites that offer online roulette real money PayPal games and why you may be interested to explore them. We will mention a few alternative payment options and also explain all you need to know about banking with this particular e-wallet. Whether you use USA dollars or another currency, your cash withdrawals with PayPal will be simple and intuitive. You will also find out a bit more about what options to use as an alternative of PayPal if you are so inclined. Moreover, we have prepared a list of the best casino that offers PayPal roulette. You can see it below.

Top sites PayPal

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  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Trusted Banking Options
Welcome bonus 100% up to $3000
Live Dealer
Min. deposit: $20
License: Kahnawake Gaming Commission of Canada
Payout speed: Up to 48 hours
Games: 300+
Players from USA Accepted
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  • PayPal

Pros and Cons of PayPal

PayPal is a fantastic payment option that will make the gameplay so much easier for you as a depositor or someone seeking to withdraw money. Still, there are distinct advantages and drawbacks to online roulette PayPal, which we will mention here. Let’s take a look.


  • PayPal is a trusted payment provider with a global reach which makes it very easy to use as a payment method
  • The payment system is iron-clad, providing a mix of security and convenience, and operates globally
  • PayPal has a 2FA security system and will help you make instant deposits and withdrawals at nominal fees when transferring to or from your PayPal wallet
  • You can rely on professional customer support that will always sort out any issue that you may have


  • PayPal has work hours outside of which it will not process any customer requests, which can be restrictive
  • The platform is very secure, but if it ends up flagging a payment as insecure, it may take longer than expected to release it
  • Sometimes there are issues with online roulette PayPal casinos because the company flags such transactions as suspicious
  • Cashing out from your e-wallet to your bank account or another payment option usually comes with a small fee

Banking with PayPal


  • Register at a casino you want to play that supports roulette PayPal and head to the cashier section
  • Once in the payment section, make sure to choose PayPal as the payment method you want to use for the deposit
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit and follow through – the casino will usually prompt you to log into your PayPal and confirm the transaction
  • Alternatively, use the dedicated PayPal ad to approve the transaction for instant deposit


  • Go to the cashier section and pick PayPal from the cashout options
  • Enter the amount that you wish to withdraw but make sure that you have the funds in your account first
  • Confirm the transaction and check your PayPal balance – the money should appear on your account instantly unless the casino specifies some other transaction times
  • In case the withdrawal does not appear immediately, check with the specified processing times at the casino that you are visiting

Commissions That Apply to PayPal

PayPal usually charges you no fee when you are transferring from your casino into your PayPal balance. The same applies when you are depositing from your PayPal account to your casino. Sometimes, a casino may actually charge you a fee for using PayPal for withdrawals, but this will be information that is available in the cashier section. 

As to cashing outside your PayPal wallet to a bank account, this usually comes with around a 3% fee, which is not the best for many players. It’s best to stick to PayPal and use your balance through a card or by making payments online. As said, each casino is free to determine if it wants to charge you any additional fees. Most of the best casinos will make sure to prioritize the user experience, which seldom means any additional or hidden charges.

Additional Blocks

  • Rules

    Before you can play online roulette with real money PayPal, you will definitely have to know the rules. Read this article if you are new to the game and want to make sure you are all caught up to everything there is to know about the game of roulette - including the main terms, gameplay elements, and even some of the strategies.

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  • Strategies

    The strategy section of the website is dedicated to playtesting and assessing strategies that are popular with roulette players and the community. We make sure to study each strategy that may be popular and take a closer look at whether it actually holds up over hundreds of thousands of plays and what results in you may expect if you were to try it.

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  • Simulator

    You can try a roulette simulator before you make a commitment with any of your own hard-earned currency. Just head to the simulator page, where we have outlined all the important details that you need to know about the game of roulette and can actually test it yourself.

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  • Live Roulette

    Live roulette is one of the best options for you to explore, and as such, you may want to learn a few things about it beforehand. Players who are new to the experience will definitely appreciate finding out all there is to know about this form of entertainment and why it is great to play with a live dealer.

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Alternative Payment Methods

  • Visa

    Visa is a go-to option for many players who are interested in playing roulette. The card is universal, it supports transactions and has a high clearance rate. Visa is a great option to use if you are playing with registered and licensed casinos because it’s a trusted payment option at online roulette sites. There are no hefty fees associated with this kind of payment.

  • MasterCard

    MasterCard is a universal debit and credit card solution that you will probably be happy to check out. The card itself has a very high clearance rate, and just like other bank cards on the market, it works best with licensed and legitimate websites, which is why you should be sticking with regulated casinos.

  • American Express

    AmEx, as the card is known, is best known in the United States. It is a great option if you are determined to play at regulated websites, comes with no or nominal fees and has a high clearance rate as it’s a recognized payment method which makes it an awesome option.

  • Bank Wire

    Some players prefer Bank Wire as the go-to option for payments and it sort of makes sense. We still advise you against it as you need to enter your IBAN information and usually have to pay additional charges that can be avoided if you were to use PayPal or a credit or debit card instead. Bank Wire transactions are also, unfortunately, longer.


  • What are the benefits of PayPal payment?

    PayPal is one of the most trusted payment options, and it’s a popular e-wallet with global recognition. If a website allows you to cash out or deposit in PayPal, this means that the said website is confident that it operates legally and brings you legit and safe online roulette products. PayPal is synonymous with consumer trust and effortless banking.

  • Are there any additional fees for deposits/withdrawals via PayPal?

    Yes, there are fees when withdrawing with PayPal, which are usually associated with you withdrawing from your PayPal into a bank. There may be no withdrawal fees if you are withdrawing from casinos to your PayPal however, apart from a $1 fee per transaction. This may vary depending on where you are, but generally, the fees are very small.

  • Does PayPal work in the USA?

    Yes, PayPal is the leading payment solution for roulette and casino gameplay in the United States. Trusted websites turn to PayPal because this e-wallet is familiar and known to millions of people in the country and is considered to be one of the safest options for new and existing players. Casinos may only use PayPal if they are legit sites.

  • Do all casinos support PayPal?

    No. Each casino will be free to determine what type of payment method it wants to use. However, we only bring you those online roulette casino sites that do. Besides, the best casinos that support roulette will also support PayPal, as it’s one of the most trusted and reliable payment options.

  • Why is playing with PayPal considered so safe?

    PayPal is an international company with a spotless track record. It offers excellent services, clear-cut rules for transacting money, and dedicated customer support, along with industry-defining security. PayPal is indeed one of the safest companies as it only works with regulated gambling websites.