All About Lucky Numbers

Perhaps you have or think you have your own lucky number. This could be the day of your birthday, the last digit in your passport number, the day you met your wife or husband, your house number etc. No matter what it is, you most likely believe that this number brings you luck and therefore, when you get to the roulette table or any other number game you will bet on this number.

Lucky 7 and a horseshoe
Some numbers are considered lucky
while others bring bad luck.

Lucky numbers, no matter whether you believe in luck or not, seem to be helping some people to find a way to avoid all the fears and doubts. You have probably seen people playing the same lottery ticket numbers over and over again believing these numbers will definitely help them win lots of money in the end. You might have read or heard stories about people dreaming of some numbers, betting on them, and winning lots of cash.

One could say that there are only a couple of lucky numbers, like 7 and 3, while according to numerology and astrology each person may have several lucky numbers based on his name, date of birth etc.

There are no guarantees when betting on this or that lucky number. On the other hand, there can be no doubt about the fact that people betting on their lucky numbers feel more confident even if they do not win.

We strongly believe that there is no need in numerating all of the meanings about this or that number in different beliefs and religions as there is no definite answer and each number may mean both good and bad. The only thing we can recommend to you, is to check your lucky numbers that might help you not only in gambling, but in making life solutions too.

If you do not yet have or do not know your lucky numbers, you can use our Lucky Number Generator that will surely help you make right bets and avoid mistakes when visiting roulette casino.

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