Download Roulette Lucky Number Generator for Firefox

If you want to play roulette systematically, then download and install the roulette Lucky Number Generator toolbar which will help you to choose roulette numbers to bet on at any moment of the game. Input the parameters in your browser and get your personal lucky numbers for successful gameplay.


How to Install Lucky Number Generator Toolbar

Step 1. Download and Install the Toolbar

To install the LNG toolbar click the Download button. Then you will be redirected to the Add-ons for Firefox page where you can easily download the toolbar. Place a tick in the box "Let me install this experimental add-on", click "Add to Firefox" button and follow the instructions to finish the installation.

Step 2. Restart the Firefox

Restart Firefox after the installation of the toolbar. You will be automatically directed to a page with full information about the Roulette Doc toolbar and instructions on how to use it.

To switch off the toolbar right-click on a menu and remove the tick next to the Roulette LNG Toolbar. In the same way put a tick to turn the toolbar on. You can also use a special quick access button (with a roulette wheel on it) in the customize menu to switch on and off the toolbar whenever you want. To customize the menu drag this button to place it wherever you want in the navigation toolbar.

How to Use Roulette LNG Toolbar

Step 1. Input data

To get your personal lucky numbers for playing roulette you need to input some personal data. Type your name and nickname (either surname, middle name or any other name), and choose your sex from drop down menu. Also input the date of your birthday and the actual date of the game. Just use the drop down menu to select the day, month and year.

Step 2. Use the results

Click the "Go" button to get the results generated. You will get 7 personal lucky numbers to use when playing roulette game. The numbers are not random but are based on the personal data you input.

Step 3. Clear to use again

Click the "Clear" button to input new data and generate some more lucky numbers.

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