Le Multicolore Game

Multicolore wheel
Multicolore is for those who love risky and interesting games.

Le Multicolore is a game that combines the features of roulette and billiards. The ball in the game is spun on a wheel that is divided into 25 cups, each of which has its own color and own value. There are 6 red, 6 green, 6 yellow, 6 white and one blue cups. The cups of the same color are numbered - three cups as 3, two cups as 2 and 1 cup as 4 and the blue cup is numbered 24. The game table also has a game layout with the colors of the cups where players place the wagers.

The dealer strikes the ivory game ball into the rail with a cue, the ball then runs through the table and onto the wheel. The wheel can be spinning or stationary. The ball lands in one of the 25 cups on the wheel.

The aim of the game is to predict into which color cup the ball will land. The payouts for the color are 2 to 1; 3 to 1; 4 to 1 or 24 to 1 depending on the number of the cup.

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