Koło Fortuny TV Game

A Polish version of one of the most popular US TV games - Wheel of Fortune - Kolo Fortuny first ran in 1992.

The rules of the game are almost the same as in the original Wheel of Fortune and here we will deal only with peculiarities of this game. The first noticeable feature is that the podium is green instead of the traditional blue.

Special Features:

Kolo Fortuny
All versions of Wheel of Fortune
preserve most of the features of the wheel.
  • Toss up. The game has only one Toss up puzzle and three main rounds prior to the Bonus Round. Toss up may award a dishwasher or a trip to one of the hotels in Poland and a pass to Round 1. If the player is wrong, then the next player may have a go on the puzzle.
  • Vowels. To name a vowel player has to purchase it for zl200 before he spins the wheel.
  • Prizes. Rounds 1 and 3 bring extra two segments on the wheel: AGD (brings home appliances zl5000) and Wycieczka (trip to Italy, Canary Islands, Santiago). The player that hits this wedge, picks a letter and solves a puzzle then wins a prize, if not - he/she spins again or buys a vowel.
  • Penalty. Bankrupt - the player loses his/her turn and all the money won in this round.
  • Stop - the player misses his turn.
  • zl10,000 Wedge - in the second round, another wedge of $10,000 is added to the wheel, however to make it harder to hit, a Bankrupt wedge is placed on either side of this wedge.
  • Bonus Round - player gets to spin a small bonus wheel with prizes - cards and trips, with money prizes up to zl50,000. Player receives letters R, S, T, L, N, and E, and can select three more consonants and one vowel. The time limit for solving the bonus round is 10 seconds.
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