Learn How To Play Roulette

Let's start with the game basics to get the general idea of how to play roulette games whether in a casino or on the Internet.

The aim of the game is to guess into which numbered slot the ball will land. The player plays against a dealer, who is responsible for spinning the wheel, the ball and paying out the wins. There are two types of roulette games which differ in the number of slots to make bets on, the rules of betting and the payouts. These are games with American and European roulette wheel.

The basic difference between two types of roulette is the number of zero pockets which influences the house advantage greatly and as a result changes the roulette odds as well. Before you choose to play roulette at a casino, learn more about both variations of roulette and read the detailed roulette instructions to the gameplay.

How to play roulette
Beginner level

Learn how to play roulette online and in a land casino: all about roulette table, game instructions and roulette bets.Watch How to Play Roulette

Roulette Instructions

The game of roulette starts with each player (up to 8 at one table) exchanging money for special roulette chips which are of one color for each player. Online roulette does not change the color of the chips as there is always only one player at the table.

Then the players make their bets on the roulette table. The bets may be on one number, two numbers, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 12 numbers or on the color of the numbers (red or black) on whether the number will be odd or even, whether the number is small (1-18) or big (19-36).

The dealer spins the wheel and launches the ball. When the dealer announces NO MORE BETS players are not allowed to place anymore bets. As soon as the ball lands, the dealer announces the winning number and pays out all the winning bets. All the bets that did not win are lost to the casino.

Basic Roulette Steps

The object of roulette is to predict or to guess where the ball will land. The ball lands randomly therefore the next spin does not depend on the previous ones.

  • 1. The players buy special colored roulette chips
  • 2. The gamblers place their bets (as many as they wish)
  • 3. Croupier spins the wheel and launches the ball
  • 4. Croupier announces that no more bets can be made
  • 5. The ball lands determining the winner
  • 6. Payouts are made
  • 7. The losing bets are swept away by the casino
  • 8. The players who decide to leave the table exchange their roulette chips for cash
NB! Regular chips are as a rule not used at the roulette table. Before starting a game the player must buy special colored chips right at the roulette table. Every player gets chips of a definite color, and thus the dealer can easily track the bets of each player at the table and there is no any mistakes with payouts. The player also has to determine the denomination of chips and the dealer places a special mark to indicate the value of the chips of each color. Roulette chips can't be used at any other game in the casino or exchanged for money in any other place other than the roulette table! That is why, when you decide to leave the game, don't forget to change the roulette chips for regular casino chips that can be easily cashed out by any casino banker.

Roulette Betting

Roulette betting is very easy. You just have to know what kinds of bets you can place at the table layout, what the odds are, and decide on how much you will wager. The players can make two types of roulette bets - inside and outside, which include:

Inside bets

  • One number bet, or Straight up, or En plein
  • Two numbers bet, or Split Bet, or Cheval
  • Three numbers bet, or Street Bet, or Transversale
  • Four numbers bet, or Corner, or Carre
  • Five numbers bet
  • Six numbers bet, or Line Bet, or Sixainne

Outside bets

  • Twelve numbers Column bet, or Colonne
  • Twelve numbers Dozen bet, or Douzaine
  • Red/Black bet, or Rouge/ Noir
  • Even/Odd bet, or Pair/Impair
  • Low/High numbers bet, or Manque/ Passe

How to Play Online Roulette

Playing roulette online is also very easy. The player just has to make several clicks of the mouse to choose the game options. To place a bet the player chooses the denomination of the chips by clicking on the colored chips on the table and then point at the betting area on the roulette table layout. There is usually a special marker showing the betting limits - the size of maximum and minimum bets. After all the bets are made, the game starts. The basic standard options offered in online roulette games, both American and European versions, are:

  • Spin - option which stars the game.
  • Clear - roulette option which allows you to cancel the bet by removing the chips already placed on the table.
  • Repeat or Rebet - by choosing this option the player can repeat the previous bet.
  • Special Bets - at some casinos by choosing this option the player can make additional call bets.
  • Help - opens a new window explaining the basic rules of the game
  • Cashier - an option allowing you to adjust your balance, whether fun or real money balance
  • Balance - the window showing the current money balance of the player

The option names used in the roulette game can differ from casino to casino. But if you know the basic roulette rules, it won't be difficult to understand how the roulette game works.

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