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Roulette Download Recommendations

When you enter the casino, you will be offered an option to download the casino software. Some casinos will also offer you an instant version of their games. If you are wondering about the pros and cons of each type of game, we say that both versions will show you the beauty of online games. However, the main difference is that the roulette download version provides a lot more games than in the the flash mode. In addition to this, the downloaded software will always be on your computer and you will be able to use it any time you want.

Before you start downloading you have to make sure that your computer corresponds to the system requirements mentioned below. As you can see we have categorized the games by the software provider.

Roulette Download or Flash Game?

For those who want to spend a lot of time gambling we strongly recommend that you download the software, as then you will have access to all games the casino offers and you will not have to open the casino page in your web browser every time you want to play. Also you don't need to worry if you don't remember something on how to play roulette as there are all the tips.

For those that might think it is risky to download software, we should say that the casinos recommended here have been carefully tested and there is nothing that should make you feel worried. Your antivirus software may query or stop the download, but to avoid this you have to disable the antivirus protection and turn it on after the download is finished.

Installation process

Step 1

step 1

As soon as you visit a casino you would like to play at, you will be offered the chance to register and play the games. But before that you have to either download the software or choose Instant play (if the casino offers it).

Another option is to click on one of the links (Download now) at the casino you have chosen at this page and you will automatically be downloading the software.

Step 2

When you choose to download the software or click on one of the links above, you will see a window that says: Save, Run the File or Cancel. Choose either Run or Save the file. If you click Save the file the software will be saved on your computer.

Step 3

Now follow the instructions to install the software onto your computer and the program will create a shortcuts on your desktop and in your start menu.

Step 4

step 4

Click on the shortcut icon and run the software. You will automatically start with a registration and after you finish it you will be able to enjoy all the games the casino has either for free or for real cash.