European Roulette - Go Casino

A high expectation European roulette game with high betting limits and no extra call bets.

Game Score

Go Casino provides players with a great opportunity to play a high-quality European roulette with a low house edge and high table limits. The only drawback is the absence of special call bets that are common for French-style roulette. Although the game has an unusual table position, it still stands out by features that create a realistic atmosphere for roulette gameplay.

  • pleasant dealer voice
  • spin history
  • instant play mode
  • good usability
  • no call bets
Go Casino Lobby European Roulette - Go Casino

Game Details

Type of Bet Quantity of numbers
Software Vegas Tech
Chips $1, $5, $10
Min Bet $1
Max Bet $99
Table Max Bet $14,655
Max all Inside bets $14,655
Max all Outside bets $300
Call Bets no
History yes
Zoom yes
Instant Play yes
Fun Mode yes
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