Women are Tempted by Roulette Games

1 Jan 2011

The recently research conducted by the university of Dundee has provoked a very interesting statement which claims that the great number of Scottish girls and women are yield to temptation of the online roulette games. Such substantial increase of the quantity of women players was made by their attempt to solve their personal problems. It means that many girls want to forget about their difficulties, bad experience in relationship and depression playing different casino games notably a roulette game. Unfortunately, great number of such girls who use their credit card endlessly making deposits become addicted to the casino games.

According to the Dundee university researches all these women try to keep in secret their gambling problems. They truly believe that all of them will be refused in any treatment or help from the social services once their debts will be revealed.

Approximately a month ago one couple was imprisoned for the abandoning their children in a car for a long time playing at casino. Moreover, the anonymous statistics of callers says that there is really great number of women that recognize their unhealthy gambling addiction and ask for help.

It is hard to identify a reason but nowadays the number of girls addicted to the roulette game is much greater compared to males and what is even more frightening it rises with a lapse of time. Thus, the government of the state is really concerned about this and does its best to solve the problem.

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