What is a casino?

29 Feb 2012

This may seem like a very simple question, but there are people out there who do not really know what a casino is. They have a vague idea, but they do not really know the ins and outs. This is where I come to help.

A Casino is a place that houses and produces certain types of gambling activities. These activities include table games, such as roulette and generally card games, and machine games, such as your classic slots. Casinos tend to be built near or combined with hotels and restaurants. Some larger scale Casinos also include shopping areas and cruise ships and a vast array of other tourist attractions. You are faced with a place that is created to keep you occupied and spend loads of money. They are fun places to be in, but they will burn a hole in your pocket!

Some Casinos also hold live concerts and sporting events, as well as a bit of stand-up comedy. But this is not unusual as some ‘Casinos’ are not gambling houses as the word Casino in the past, and in some countries today, is not associated with gambling.

The word ‘Casino’ is originally from the Italian word ‘Casa’, which means house, or more specifically a summerhouse, pavilion or villa. The word changed from Casa to Casino to indicate a building built for pleasure. These original Casinos were used to hold town functions such as dancing, music recitals and gambling. Then the gambling houses of America changed their name to make it seem more sophisticated and appealing, and what is more appealing than a little Italian? So they took the word Casino and you are left with what we consider to be Casinos today. Houses that are full of gambling activities and entertainment.

Nowadays, casinos can also be found online and you can still play a lot of variations of casino games just like when you play at their land-based counterparts. Online casino sites such as betfair.com is a great example of how casinos look online and the games you will find there, as mentioned above, are just similar like the land based casinos. The only different is that these games are run by machines rather than live dealer but it doesn’t mean you can’t have much fun as when you play it in a proper land based casino.

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