The Oldest Nevada Casino: Cal-Neva Resort and Casino

03 Aug 2010

According to some U.S. guidebooks the Cal-Neva Resort and Casino in Crystal Bay is considered to be the oldest casino in the United States. It was owned by Frank Sinatra in 1960-1963 and was one of the most popular destinations among celebrities.

The Cal-Neva was built in 1926 for a real estate investor from San Francisco. Since then it has changed many owners and underwent many changes. There are lots of stories around the Cal-Neva and here are some of them.

The Cal-Neva resort is considered to be some kind of mystical place as it is believed to be built on the Indian burial ground. So, some of the events that have happened on its territory are associated with the mythical facts.

The historic Cal-Neva is a distinctive resort on the shores of Lake Tahoe. It always attracted many people including such celebrities as Rat Pack, Marilyn Monroe, Jack Kennedy, Clara Bow and many others. Marilyn Monroe is said to have her private cabin in the hotel and a week before she was found dead in her house, Marilyn tried to kill herself in this cabin by drinking too many sleeping pills.

One of the resort attractions is the swimming pool that is situated right on the line between two states, California and Nevada. So, you can easily travel from one state to another just by swimming in the Cal-Neva pool.

The Cal-Neva was first an illegal gambling place. A few years after its foundation the resort received its first license and became the favorite place for the wealthy to come. In the 1980's the hotel was closed for restoration for three years by a new owner. After the reopening a sobbing figure of Marilyn Monroe was said to be wandering in the hall.

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