Repeated Numbers in Roulette

27 Aug 2009

When playing roulette online you can notice that sometimes some numbers may appear for again and again. Indeed, we also have heard stories about the same number appearing over and over. But how can this influence your game?

If we consider the probabilities of roulette game, we will see that no matter what number has been before, each number has equal chances of being the next.

Now, let's see how likely will one number come three times in a row. European roulette offers 1 in 37 odds for each number, and the odds for 3 numbers in a row are: 1 in (37x37x37), or 1:50,652. If we consider American Roulette with 38 pockets on the wheel, we will see that chances are:

As each number has odds of 1 in 38 of coming the next, the odds for three will be 1 in (38 x 38 x 38) = 1:54,871. Sure, if you take a look at odds in lottery tickets, this bet will be more favorable.

All in all, this in very unlikely to happen in neither online nor land casinos. Therefore, we would not recommend you to count on the same number coming for the third time even if has just been two times in a row.

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