Roulette Myth Disproof

08 Nov 2010

Many authors on the Internet probably convinced you that you are able to cheat at roulette games. One of their statements definitely was: You may use the math system in order to predict a future spin. The last is the most typical misunderstanding related to roulette issue.

It is a common proved long time ago fact that roulette is the game of chance. Thus, every single spin doesn't relate to the previous spin. For instance, in case the ball has fell on red ten times running, a player feels that black has more chances to come up next time - this isn't true. Some players like looking for and betting on so-called sleeping numbers - those, which haven't been hit for some time.

However, it doesn't make the number more likely to appear as well as it definitely cannot hamper the appearing of already picked numbers. Math systems cannot work by their nature. The reason of this is very simple, math system requires data. Taking into consideration roulette there is no data which can be analyzed.

The thing is that unlike to math you cannot know what's going to happen at roulette next. The roulette wheel doesn't have memory! The system which claims making money from roulette is a simple terms contradiction.

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