Roulette Etiquette - an Integral Roulette Game Part

7 Feb 2011

It`s obvious that roulette game presupposes a certain kind of etiquette that is required to keep to at the roulette table. Remember that roulette etiquette deals with the principal roulette game aspects. Below you may see the list of the most fundamental rules of roulette etiquette required at casinos.

  • First of all, you should remember about timing the bets. Keep in mind that you have just several minutes between the roulette wheel spins to place your bets. When you hear "No more bets", said by the croupier, you are not allowed to place your bets. So, you shouldn`t feel any kind of panic if you haven`t managed to place your bets. Just try to be more attentive and you will be able to do this next time!
  • When you place your bets around the table, you shouldn`t bypass other players` chips. It is very rude!
  • The next thing you need to remember is not to lean very close to the roulette wheel. By doing this, you will be suspected by the croupier as a potential cheater.
  • You are not recommended to head for the table in case of being drunk, you may be removed from playing at the casino or even suffer some losses as somebody may steal your money or chips.
  • You shouldn`t throw the chips on the table. The croupier will place the bets himself.
  • Remember that you ought to speak softly and communicate subtly.
  • Do not forget to tip the croupier. It is an essential thing in the roulette etiquette.
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