Popular Roulette Players - How They Did It

17 Jan 2011

Win big? Is it possible? In fact, many people believe that it is not actually possible to win huge prizes at roulette game. We will try to convince you of the real possibility to win huge amounts of money at roulette game. Below you will read about the people who managed to profit at such an amazing game as roulette.

Ashley Revell

Ashley Revell is the person who had sold all his goods (a house, even clothes) in order to go to Las Vegas and gamble with the money to win big. The game that he chose for this purpose was roulette. Ashley Revell had 136 dollars and decided to place the whole amount of money on Red. Lucky he was when he saw that the Red 7 had won and consequently he won $272 000 at once.

Pawel Piskorski

Pawel Piskorski, the Polish politician, won 4,950,000,000 zloty while playing roulette game. By this winnings he explained his high incomes. At that time it was impossible to win so much because the highest bet was 1 000 000 zloty. It probably means that Pawel Piskorski won one hundred and eighty-eight times placing maximum bet every time.

Charles Wells

Charles Well was the person who had managed to break the bank in Monte Carlo. Every time when he stayed in Monte Carlo, he could break the bank. He was able to turn £4000 into 1 million francs. That was unbelievably huge amount of money at those times!

Joseph Jaggers

Joseph Jaggers is known for the 1st usage of biased roulette wheel. He together with other six clerks checked all the wheels in one casino in Monte Carlo. After such examination they found the biased wheel. As a result, they had managed to win approximately $325 000 which was an amazingly high amount of money at that time.

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