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09 Mar 2012

In the modern age of ubiquitous connectivity, UK online casino games are common place. Perhaps it is difficult to remember the time when the only way we could enjoy a game of roulette or blackjack was to visit a live casino, which few of us ever did, but it was less than two decades ago when the first online casinos appeared.

The internet and the web have become ubiquitous resources every bit as important as any form of printed or broadcast media. There are many who would argue that the internet is now far more important than radio and television combined, and for many aspects of our lives they have a strong case. Whilst, for many of us, the web became what it is today during our lifetimes and we can remember a time when it didn’t exist; for the current generation the web has always been there.

We use the web for many things: for work; for pleasure; for socialising; for organising our lives; for hearing other peoples’ opinions and for expressing our own. Just about everybody has at least one online social network and many people run or contribute to websites and blogs. It can be argued that the internet has opened up new avenues and new experiences, that it has liberated individuals and nations, that it has been a force for the good.

One thing that we can do on the web that, in pre-web days, would have been somewhat more difficult is to play casino games. UK online casino games began in 1994 when online gaming was first legalised by the government of Antigua and Barbuda. Of course somebody had to create the games, and the prime mover in that field was the innovative company Microgaming. Originally it was composed of just a couple of entrepreneurial guys with a big idea; now it is a massive company and the largest supplier of online gaming software in the world.

Also, in order to play the games with real money it was necessary to set up a secure way to carry out monetary transactions online. Again this was facilitated by a small organisation run by a couple of brothers who went on to found Cryptologic, which supplied the necessary software. Using this software, the first UK online casino, which was called Intercasino, opened for business in 1996.

The market expanded explosively and has been one of the fastest growing business sectors of all time. As more people became involved in online casino games, greater demands were made by players and competition between suppliers grew stiffer. This has all been to the benefit of the player who has a huge choice of where and what to play. Improvements in connectivity, bandwidth, server technology, software, regulation and customer service mean that nowadays online casino games can be enjoyed in a secure environment where the player is treated fairly.

Although the online gaming market is still growing, its rate of growth has slowed down. This means that online casino providers now need to put more effort into attracting new clients, whilst keeping existing ones. One of the benefits of this to players is the increasing generosity of inducements in terms of welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions.

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