Le Multicolore - Roulette for Fun

24 Jan 2011

Le Multicolore is a kind of a roulette game and is also considered to be a game of chance. This game has some features of a roulette as well as billiard, thus, it has become pretty interesting for lots of gamblers. So, let`s see the object, the rules of the game and how to win at Le Multicolore.

Objective of Le Multicolore

A wheel is of different colors with 25 cups onto its surface and ivory ball are used in this French game. The main aim of the game is just to predict the color at which the ball stops. All colors have a certain value and the payout of the game depends on this value.

Game Rules

The wheel in Le Multicolore game has 25 cups which are of 5 different colors: 1 blue segment, 6 red sectors, 6 white sectors, 6 yellow sectors and 6 green sectors. Six sectors of one color are numbered in the next way: 1 sector has the number 4, 3 sectors - the number 3, the last 2 sectors - the number 2, blue sector has number 24. The numbers determine such payouts as 4: 1, 3: 1, 2: 1 and 24: 1.

When you place the bets, a croupier will throw the ball using a cue stick and all players wait to see where this cue stick will stop. The wheel itself may just stay static or spin. The ivory ball will stop at one of the twenty-five cups and a winner will be determined consequently. It is an amazing game that gains a great popularity during the last years. So, why not to try your luck in the game and win some money combined with a great deal of entertainment?

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