Interesting Facts Concerning Roulette

29 Nov 2010

In this very article you will find nothing groundbreaking on the roulette issue. Though, we offer you the whole site full of informative articles devoted to roulette basics, variations, odds and peculiarities. Here we'd like to entertain you via presenting some interesting little-known roulette facts.

  • Roulette is considered to be the on the 3rd place amongst all casino games due to its popularity and consequently demand.
  • All players should recognize that European variant of casino roulette has much better odds for players in comparison with American roulette. The reason is that American roulette wheel contains extra slot of '00'.
  • Speaking of the house edges, roulette can be placed between the Let it Ride house edge of 3,5% and 2,3% of 3-card poker house edge. The house edge of European roulette is 2,7%.
  • 'You cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal money from it' - the wise words of Albert Einstein is absolute true. You won't find a betting system which allows winning money consequently from roulette.
  • French origin of roulette is reflected in its name which is translated as 'small wheel'.
  • The total of all numbers depicted on the roulette wheel is 666. That is why roulette is considered to be 'a game of devil'.
  • One Englishman sold everything he had and began to waste his money on gambling in Vegas. Ashley Revell placed his bet on red and the ball landed on 7 red. He doubled all his money, winning $135,300, tipped a dealer with $600 and left the gambling establishment.
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