What Is eCOGRA?

20 Aug 2009

You have probably noticed that a part of all online casinos has a logo on its home page saying eCOGRA. Even if you have never heard about them before, you will find out that this company will help you a lot if you experience any trouble in dealing with online casinos. In this article we are going to explain everything about this organization.

The name of this non profit online gambling industry standards association stands for eCommerce & Online Gaming Regulation & Assurance. It stands for protection of online players that wager at casinos that have been found illegal. It makes sure all online casinos certified by eCOGRA provide fair gaming. eCOGRA is a player-oriented organization that also stands for online casinos and affiliates.

eCogra has its own list of requirements that are to be followed by all online casinos. Probably the most important are as follows: casino provides all security measures, players are ensured their winnings, fair games, daily casino operations are monitored, advertising is honest and information about bonuses is clear.

If you see a seal of eCOGRA at the online casino you are interested in, this means this one is monitored and audited by 3rd party company, recognized by eCOGRA. You may find reports at the casino website and if you don't, you may ask for this information from eCOGRA as it is public knowledge.

In case the casino does not pay out player winnings, the player should collect all the evidence including gaming history, letters to and from the casino and send them directly to the eCOGRA. In case the situation cannot be solved by the eCOGRA, they will provide the player with a special mediation service and a no-cost advocate should the player need him.

Should you have any questions concerning this or that aspect on eCOGRA or other gambling issue, you can contact us at the contact us page.

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