Casino Gaming Institute for Roulette Croupiers

07 Apr 2010

Probably, you have never wondered where the casino dealers and croupiers come from. Not every person who knows the game rules and wishes to work at gambling establishment can become the dealer. To start this career you have to pass the special courses and get the certificate - only after you can get job at the casino.

Casino Gaming Institute is one of the oldest schools for training professional dealers and croupiers. Now it has campuses in New Jersey, Delaware and one more is coming soon to Pennsylvania.

At Casino Gaming Institute or CGI the students can learn all the table games including popular baccarat, blackjack, poker and of course master the roulette game.

The atmosphere of the CGI classes reminds much the real casino surroundings, because all the classrooms feature original game tables as well as the decorations and music are also like at the land gambling hall.

One of the basic topics the teachers pay attention to is cheater-spotting. The students even learn to cheat their teachers during the practice in order to understand the mechanism of every cheat and escape it in future.

The other important topics are bets tracking and payout calculations. The crucial thing for the roulette croupier is without doubt the ability to watch the layout, not only a wheel, in order to escape late betting. The students are also trained to vary the pace of the game - they study to change the speed of the wheel rotating and the style of ball throwing in order to prevent the players from reading the "dealer's signature".

All the students of the CGI are taught the special roulette etiquette. For example, the croupier must push the chips to the players in the right way: for those who sit close to the wheel - with the right hand and for those far away from the roulette wheel - with the left hand.

So, as you understand, the job of casino dealer is not very easy and to become a professional roulette croupier you must study hard.

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