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Women are Tempted by Roulette Games

1 Jan 2011
The recently research conducted by the university of Dundee has provoked a very interesting statement which claims that the great number of Scottish girls and women are yield to temptation of the o...

Innovative 3 Wheel Roulette

27 Dec 2010
It is a well-known fact that online gambling industry implies a severe competition for innumerable casino operators. Thus, all of those strive for the invention of new games, features and options i...

Isle of Capri Gets Bigger

13 Dec 2010
Isle of Capri Corp. actually is not considered to be a big name amongst all existing in gaming industry. Its casinos are more of local features and popularize gambling experience in towns like Wate...

Macao Gaming Breakthrough

6 Dec 2010
It is a commonly accepted tradition by many organizations to consider all data and numbers connected to the monthly or quarter revenue of those. Gambling activity in a Special Administrative Regio...

Interesting Facts Concerning Roulette

29 Nov 2010
In this very article you will find nothing groundbreaking on the roulette issue. Though, we offer you the whole site full of informative articles devoted to roulette basics, variations, odds and pe...

Roulette Bias for Savvy Gamblers

22 Nov 2010
It is not a big surprise that any roulette wheel is mechanical by its design. As opposed to slots that are controlled by special microprocessors, the wheels of roulette are constructed of wood, met...

Beware of Roulette Spam

15 Nov 2010
The spam is not surprising any more for us. Every day we delete lots of useless mails from our e-boxes and know that tomorrow the same operation should be done. However, sometimes we are faced with...

Roulette Myth Disproof

08 Nov 2010
Many authors on the Internet probably convinced you that you are able to cheat at roulette games. One of their statements definitely was: You may use the math system in order to predict a future sp...

Mortal Roulette

03 Nov 2010
A man from Wheatland, Wyoming was recently accused in killing his friend during a 'gaming process' similar to Russian roulette. The man is obliged to return to the local court for the further objec...

New "Colors" and "Greens" Roulette Options

02 Sep 2010
Now the players can try roulette games with new betting options - "Colors" and "Greens" bets with 9 to 1 and 300 to 1 payouts.
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