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Russian Roulette Game

16 July 2009

You have probably heard about Russian roulette or even seen it in the movies. The name of the game may confuse you, though it has nothing to do with actual roulette game. Russian roulette is a lethal game of chance where winner gets life and the loser may end up dead.

The game is played with a revolver, with one bullet in it. The game starts when a player takes the revolver, spins the cylinder, stops it, puts the muzzle against his head and pulls the trigger. Two or more players pass the revolver to each other.

You may be surprised, but even this game has rules variations. The cylinder may be spinned once before the game starts, or spinned by every player. The game may also differ by the number of players involved and the type of a revolver.

The game has two legends. The first one says that the game appeared when prisoners in Russian armies of 19th century were forced to play the game and the guards would bet on the result. The another legend says the game was played by Russian soldiers to impress each other.

All in all, no matter how often you see this game advertised on TV, in movies, games or books, remember THIS IS A SUICIDAL GAME. You should NOT play it!

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