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Alternative Russian Roulette Games

28 Sep 2009

Love risk but think Russian Roulette is too much? We do too, but how about playing games that involve the risk of Russian roulette at list partly and keeps the loser alive.

We are talking about games of Russian roulette played at parties mostly by teens and students. These games include Beer roulette, Hot Pepper and Chocolate roulette we are going to be talking about today.

The first one, Beer roulette is the game played by a group of people, a beer barrel (or another drink you prefer), a special mechanism for spinning and a hose. Players spin the wheel on the mechanism, stop it, take the hose and try whether they are lucky to get a sip of a drink, or unlucky and the hose will give nothing.

The second game, Hot Pepper roulette is the game played with special Padron peppers, cooked in an ordinary pot and served as a usual meal. Players take a pepper one by one. The risk is that one in ten peppers is extremely hot and it is always a surprise when you find it.

The third game, sold in some online shops is played with a set of special chocolate forms, one of which is filled with a chili pepper. Just like in other Russian roulette games, players one by one take candies and the hottest one is always the most fun.

You have probably heard of other party versions of Russian roulette. If yes, you are welcome to write us about these games.

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