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Horrible Russian Road Roulette

05 Nov 2009
Speed and carelessness are the things
that make this game so dangerous.

Russian roulette has boosted up fantasy of many people all over the world, and you have already read about alternative roulette games. The new version of Russian roulette is a lot more fatal even than the original game as it may harm lots of people besides the player.

The new game is called “Russian road roulette”, the rules of the game being simple – you speed through the red lights in the busiest intersections and if you avoid crushing into anything – including cars and people – you win. The bets can be up to 5,000 euros ($7,400) but the risk is enormous. Not only players can bet, those that watch are able to bet on the race results also.

Such races have been noticed since this summer in Sofia. A crash of a motorcyclist into an onlooker on one of Sofia’s ring roads took the life of two in June this year. The police are said to monitor and send patrols on the roads reported to be holding a race like this. According to the local media, the participants of such games are informed via sms about the presence of police and whether the race would be held on that particular night or not.

It seems that nowadays there are many people addicted to the most powerful drug – adrenaline. Those, who cannot find anything else worth their attention are looking for something else to give them what they cannot find in themselves.

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